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The First Photograph of Canada was Taken by a Man from Newcastle

It’s all connected. You only have to take notice of the coincidences, the tiny ripples in space and time, to know seemingly unrelated events are connected. There are a few stories for how Canada got its name but the one that stuck for me involves the Spanish. It was the mid-16th century when the first…
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A Winterlude’s Tale

I googled “Winterlude?” exactly like that, with the question mark, at work one afternoon. On a different afternoon in that same office, I was shamed for this question mark habit. I forget what I was googling. Something to do with food probably. “Where can I buy proper bacon in Toronto?” Something like that. Everyone laughed…
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Lost in Taiwan, or Why You Should Try Staying on the Wrong Bus

It was a very slow start that day, even for me. I had managed to get out of bed at 8.30 to eat a breakfast of lukewarm rice, oily tofu and bitter greens washed down with orange juice but when I slouched back to my hotel room with its crumpled white sheets, drawn blinds and…
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North Bend Waterfall

Photos from the Real Twin Peaks

With the premiere of a brand new series of Twin Peaks almost upon us, it seemed like a good time to share some photos of the real Twin Peaks, the town of North Bend where the original series was shot.    

Extremely Slow Travel: Looking Back at a Year in Toronto

It’s been almost a year since I stepped off a plane in Toronto and was surprised by the warmth of the bright May day. Almost a year since I tried to get on a TTC bus with a $10 bill and made it onto the subway only to stand squinting at the map, disbelieving that…
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Hong Kong Temple

I Died and Went to Hell in Hong Kong

Published in Litro Magazine #151: Adrenaline Issue   On the day I died I was at a theme park in Hong Kong. My death, my first death that is, was planned. I had agreed to this death, hell, I had even paid for it. They said it was just a game.

Gaza Surf Club

TIFF 2016 Days Two, Three and Four: Beer and B-Movie Antics in Colossal and Riding the Waves in Gaza Surf Club

I’m someone who likes to go to the cinema alone, preferably in the afternoon, preferably to the sort of screenings that only attract a handful of other people and preferably with absurd snacks like stuffed vine leaves or chicken nuggets or something. So, for me, the whole film festival experience is brand new and very…
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tiff 2016 Day one

TIFF 2016 Day One: Opening Night, the Dreaded Rush Queue and Free Fall

It’s finally here – TIFF opening night!