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Road & Kingdoms

December 2017

A Thick Salvadoran Tortilla is the Only Cure for Rainy Day in Vancouver


January 2018

Discover Taiwan’s Great Outdoors


August 2017

Explore the Canadian Rockies Like a Local in Banff


August 2017

A Month of Slow Travel in Cuba

England Explore

July 2017

Various articles related to British History

Litro Magazine

August 2016

Essay Saturday: The Bittersweet Taste Of Ha Long Bay

I Must Be Off Travel Writing Competition Shortlist

August 2016

A Day Out on the Death Railway

Litro Magazine #151

April 2016

Adrenaline – I Died And Went To Hell In Hong Kong


June 2016

10 People Who Were The Patient Zero Of A Deadly Epidemic

The Culture Trip


Various Articles on Travel

Anglotopia Magazine


Various Articles on British History

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