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Is Dalat Worth Visiting?

I was going to type ‘is Dalat Vietnam’s biggest exporter of flowers?’, a quick, lazy search to find out whether I had any grounds to say that it was, but I didn’t get round to actually doing the research. As soon as I typed in ‘is Dalat’ Google’s auto-fill search function finished off my question,…
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Breakfast with Monks in Bangkok

My interest in a Buddhism lasted all of a week. Mesmerised by the beauty of the temples and intrigued by its popularity, I picked up a copy of the revised Pratimoska. This is the complete list of dos and don’ts for monks and reading it shattered any illusion I had that, as far as organised…
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Bangkok – the Sacred and the Profane

In Bangkok, the sacred and the profane collide like nowhere else on earth. Buddhist monks stand on the Sky Train next to prostitutes; a mother nurses her child in the street in front of her stall selling a startling array of sex toys; a man hustles on the street corner offering tourists a chance to see…
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