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Jiufen Spirited Away Feature Image

A Day in Jiufen, Taiwan, The Real World Inspiration Behind Spirited Away

A trip to a mysterious mountain town that inspired Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki to create the trippy masterpiece that is Spirited Away? Yes. Definitely.

Seeing and Doing in Hanoi

I spent three whole weeks in Hanoi and filled my days with incredible ease. Here are a few of the things I saw and few of the things I did. Ho Hoan Kiem or ‘Lake of the Restored Sword’ and Ngoc Son Temple or ‘Temple of the Jade Mountain’ Hoan Kiem Lake is at the…
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Hanoi Cinemateque

There’s an alleyway full of parked motorbikes, all lined up like they’re for sale, and a crouching woman near the entrance selling something deep-fried and therefore unidentifiable; it’s like any other alleyway in Hanoi except that there’s a sign above the archway that says ‘Cine’. It’s chucking it down, heavy, fat rain that bounces off…
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