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Twelve Swell Things I Did in Hong Kong

I did more than twelve things during the ten days I spent in Hong Kong, I’m sure, but these are the things I have photographic evidence of. Everything else might just have been an elaborate and feverish dream for all I know. This post is very long but don’t let that deter you, brave blog…
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Looted Statue Officially Returned to Cambodia | The Cambodia Daily

I learned many things during my time working in a small museum in the UK, many strange, extraordinary, worrying things, but one of the real eye-openers for me was that all museums, no matter how great or humble, have objects in their collection for which they have no provenance. What that means is that they…
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Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in Hanoi

I loved Hanoi in all its noisy, congested glory and spent many hours wandering, deftly avoiding death by┬ámotorbike, on the streets of the Old Quarter, but after a while I felt like I could do with a bit of tranquility and a history lesson somewhere green. This led me to the Imperial Citadel of Thang…
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