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Gaza Surf Club

TIFF 2016 Days Two, Three and Four: Beer and B-Movie Antics in Colossal and Riding the Waves in Gaza Surf Club

I’m someone who likes to go to the cinema alone, preferably in the afternoon, preferably to the sort of screenings that only attract a handful of other people and preferably with absurd snacks like stuffed vine leaves or chicken nuggets or something. So, for me, the whole film festival experience is brand new and very…
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tiff 2016 Day one

TIFF 2016 Day One: Opening Night, the Dreaded Rush Queue and Free Fall

It’s finally here – TIFF opening night!

the View from Scotiabank Multiplex

Job Hunting in Toronto

As it turns out, if you want to live in Toronto, you’re going to have to work in Toronto. And not at one of these 16 hours a week, give shifts away so you can go to the beach, minimum wage, ‘I sort of work here but really I’m an artist/writer/street performer’ kind of jobs.…
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Apartment hunting in Toronto

It seemed apt that we should watch High Rise on our second day in Toronto because were already apartment hunting. Scrolling through the endless adverts on kijiji and craiglist over a Tim Horton’s coffee and a bagel, Toronto’s apartments seemed to fit into three categories. 1) Dingy and desolate basements with a ceiling height of less…
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