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My Best Travel of 2015 and Big Plans for 2016

2015 happened and like every year before it I look back on it now and see only a blur. All of the joy and excitement and pleasure of one of the best years of my life (so far) has dissipated into the ether. It’s over and the only proof I’ve got that it happened at…
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A Day in the Life Of World & She: A Travel Day in Malaysia

For my first attempt at a ‘Day in the Life of’ blog post I chose a day spent travelling between one place and another, Pangkor Island and Taiping City in Malaysia. If I had written this the day before there would have been very little to report as I spent so many hours reading a…
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Three Weeks in Malaysia Route Map

Three Weeks in Malaysia Route Map: September 2015

Here is a route map for my three week trip to Malaysia in September 2015. I need to be clear that this route map by no means represents a complete tour of Malaysia. My time in Malaysia in September was chaotic, spontaneous and fuelled by copious amounts of beer and satay. We decided where to…
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3 Months in Vietnam Route Map: Spring 2015

Between February and May 2015 I spent three months in Vietnam and they were three of the happiest, most fascinating and fulfilling months of my life. Vietnam is a very, very special place and somewhere I hope to return to, sooner rather than later. [nwm_map id=”3″]

Sky from Airplane Window

How Can I Afford to Travel so Much?

In the year 2014 I travelled for six months of the year, by the end of 2015 I will have travelled for around 8-9 months of the year and in 2016 who knows, I might travel for the whole year. Here’s the question. How can a working-class girl, who enjoyed a six year stint at…
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Trip Number Three: My A/W 2015 Travel Plans

I sound so sure of myself with that title, don’t I? My A/W 2015 travel plans. It sound just like the glossy fashion mags with their A/W 2015 wardrobe essentials. Already decided upon, organised, solid. In all honestly I’m not totally sure what I’m going to do for the next few months or why. Perhaps the…
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