Three Weeks in Malaysia Route Map: September 2015

Three Weeks in Malaysia Route Map: September 2015

Three Weeks in Malaysia Route Map

Here is a route map for my three week trip to Malaysia in September 2015. I need to be clear that this route map by no means represents a complete tour of Malaysia. My time in Malaysia in September was chaotic, spontaneous and fuelled by copious amounts of beer and satay. We decided where to go next based on how long we could be bothered to spend on a bus and were also foiled in our plans more than once due to bad weather.

For a more complete Peninsular Malaysia itinerary I would have added the following:

Malacca – I would have travelled south from KL to Malacca before heading to Taman Negara. I didn’t do this because I wanted to be at Taman Negara by 9th September so that I could turn thirty in a rainforest and tell people about it forever.

Penang (George Town) – You CANNOT go to Malaysia without going to Penang. It’s the cultural epicentre of the country with a fascinating history and a cuisine worth getting obese for. I didn’t do this because I already spent ten days in George Town in 2014.

Perhentian Islands – The plan was to visit the Perhentian Islands after Taiping but the weather on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia was terrible in September 2015. We were approaching the end of the season and were told that there can be problems with boat crossings from October to December so we sacked it off and looked for the next cheap flight out of Kuala Lumpur. And that’s how we ended up in Hong Kong…

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