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Three Beautiful Places To Explore in Holguin

In Holguin you must do as the Holguin’s do. The people of Holguin go about their business at an easy pace. Sauntering around the city they stop for a rest in the city’s many parks, where the benches sit invitingly in the dappled shade of tall trees. Or they take a seat in one of…
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A Few Things No One Tells You about Cuba

No matter how much you prepare yourself before a trip, no matter how many guidebooks you read or photos you look at or route maps you plan, you will be just as disorientated as everybody else when the place you’ve only imagined suddenly become real. No amount of preparation can pre-empt culture shock, that bewildered,…
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Feature Su Hua Highway View of Chingshan Cliffs

Driving The Su Hua Highway in Taiwan, One Of The World’s Most Dangerous Roads

If you visit Hualien and want to see the Chingshui cliffs, a gorgeous waterfall and Chihsingtan Beach, you’re going to have drive along Taiwan’s Suhua Highway, one of the world’s most dangerous roads. I had to give more information to the woman at the Clinique counter this morning in order to buy face cream than…
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Angkor Wat Cambodia

Don’t Make Travel Plans, Daydream Instead

I’m sitting here with my laptop balanced uncomfortably on a pillow across my thighs and two visa application forms by my side. They’re both blank. I’ve had them for over two weeks and now, three weeks before we fly to Cuba, I’ve decided it’s time to get the ball rolling. I can remember feeling quite…
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Jiufen Spirited Away Feature Image

A Day in Jiufen, Taiwan, The Real World Inspiration Behind Spirited Away

A trip to a mysterious mountain town that inspired Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki to create the trippy masterpiece that is Spirited Away? Yes. Definitely.

Taipei Night Market scene

The Most Important Phrase to Learn in Chinese (and it’s not ‘Thank You’)

I just bought a cup of coffee and it went something like this: Barista: “Next, please.” I step up and he says, “how can I help?” Me: “Hi. Can I get a regular cappuccino please.” Barista: “Are you taking out or sitting in?” Me: “Sitting in, please.” He turns away to make the coffee. As…
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Three Weeks in Malaysia Route Map

Three Weeks in Malaysia Route Map: September 2015

Here is a route map for my three week trip to Malaysia in September 2015. I need to be clear that this route map by no means represents a complete tour of Malaysia. My time in Malaysia in September was chaotic, spontaneous and fuelled by copious amounts of beer and satay. We decided where to…
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3 Months in Vietnam Route Map: Spring 2015

Between February and May 2015 I spent three months in Vietnam and they were three of the happiest, most fascinating and fulfilling months of my life. Vietnam is a very, very special place and somewhere I hope to return to, sooner rather than later. [nwm_map id=”3″]